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Negative Space Manicure

Posted: Feb 04 2015

After negative space manis showed up on all the cool-kids' spring 2015 runways, we had to get in on the look. So what exactly is a negative space manicure? It’s one where you don’t use a base color and leave cutouts in the manicure, exposing the bare nail underneath. The best part is that this nail art trend that doesn’t require the skills of a professional nail artist, it’s one you can easily do on your own. Here’s how!

  1. Start by brushing on two coats of a clear base coat; thoroughly let dry.

 PRO TIP: Choose a formula that best corrects your nail condition, such as extra-dry or thin nail formulations.

  1. Once you’ve decided on a pattern, apply nail art tape in the spots you want to expose the bare nail.

 PRO TIP: The easiest patterns to create are those with straight lines. Once you try curved lines or swirly patterns, it will be much more difficult.

  1. Paint the nail with whatever color(s) you chose.

PRO TIP: Now is the time to get creative. Try using different colors or textures in different parts of the manicure. Maybe try blue stripes on top with a green bottom half. Also try playing around with matte, shiny or glittery finishes.

  1. After letting the manicure completely dry, remove the tape carefully. Clean up any sloppy lines with a corrector pen.

PRO TIP: Use a fine-tip brush to define lines.

  1. Lock in your design by applying a top coat.

PRO TIP: Choose a top coat with a UV filter to prevent discoloration.

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