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Posted: Oct 03 2014

Dare To Go Dark


With the official arrival of autumn, take a walk on the dark side and embrace fall’s sultry beauty trend. Now is the time to dabble in darker lipsticks, have fun with heavy eye makeup, add chain-link texture to hair with braids and nail it with steel-inspired mani’s. This look is all about dark, sexy drama. Here’s how to embrace your bolder beauty side.


The basics

For a fresh, modern take on dark beauty, look to the future. Be inspired by runways, but stick with these basic guidelines to get started:


  • Play up one feature at a time, rather than doing bold lips, smoky eyes and a contoured face all at once.
  • Clear, porcelain skin should act as your canvas for darker colors to pop off of.
  • No matter which feature you’re focusing on, opt for bolder eyebrows.
  • Have fun with the look and let your imagination paint the way. Think of this as a seductive, fantastical journey.



Now that you’ve got your basics covered, it’s time to master makeup. If you’re looking to play up your eyes, there are a few options. First, you can do every woman’s seductive go-to look: the smoky eye. But this time around, don’t smudge and smear it, instead think more ethereal and add super-luxe eyelashes to the look. Or, go for a dramatically defined eye with extra heavy, black winged eyeliner. Feel free to play with the shape of the liner, just keep those edges sharp. With either eye look, be sure to keep lips nude.


When you want to enhance the lips, go for shades of plum, aubergine or berry. Any dark take on classic red will work, particularly wine and burgundy hues. To keep the look wearable, stick to a naked eye. If you want to add a little something to your lids, opt for nude metallic eye shadow or balance out the look with a strong, penciled-in brow.


Wear it with: Since there’s a lot happening with your dramatic makeup, keep the top half of your look clean. The Faux Leather Shell Top is our choice because its classic neckline is unfussy, keeping the focus on your face, while its faux leather fabrication stays true to the edgier look.



For seasons we’ve seen all incarnations of braids, and fall 2014 was no exception. Gone are the carefree variations of summer, the season’s new twist is a tightly woven braid that adds tons of tough texture to hair. Think braids that crossover or sit tightly against the head. For even more drama and serious nighttime glam, add heavy metal enhancements and hair adornments.

Wear it with: For a polished, professional look, opt for a tightly crossed classic or French braid with the Color Block Button Down. From the front it will look like a typical boardroom bun, but the back will speak to your inner temptress.



You might have guessed it; fall is all about dark nails. The particular color you choose may vary from inky blues to steel gray, chocolate brown and lush plum colors, as long as the look stays mysterious and moody. To add even more drama at your fingertips, opt for nail art with two-toned and abstract patterns.


Wear it with: Dark nails are perhaps the easiest and most versatile way to adapt the dark beauty trend to everyday wear. We love that just a coat of lurid polish can add dark sophistication even to super casual looks, like the Knit Top With Mesh Panels.




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