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MAKEUP DRAWER: Makeup that Won’t Melt

Posted: Jul 30 2014

We’re in the dog days of summer, when Friday afternoons are best spent poolside and frozen yogurt makes for the perfect dinner. The only cloud in summer’s otherwise perfect blue skies – runny makeup. You know what we mean, when it slides right off your face if you sweat just a little or somehow evaporates, magically disappearing. Don’t sweat it (pun intended), we’ve got three tips to sweat-proof your makeup routine for the rest of summer.


In your prime

That’s right, the biggest key to wearing makeup in summer actually lies beneath. Before you even think about applying cosmetics, prep skin with a primer. This will help adhere foundation and keep it in place since your makeup will actually be sticking to the primer as opposed to skin made slippery by sweat. Ditto for your eyes, avoid creasing and keep eye makeup in place by applying an eye primer. (Make sure to use a proper eye primer, don’t try and cheat by applying facial primer to the extra-sensitve area)


Two words: waterproof mascara

If you’re a true MYNT gal, you inherently understand that it’s always all about the lashes. Even in 100-degree heat. While we normally don’t approve of waterproof makeup (it’s often drying and harsh on skin), we make an exception when it comes to mascara in the summertime. Pick a good one and your mascara won’t budge. Just be sure to thoroughly remove it before going to sleep.


Set it and forget it

After applying foundation, be sure to set it with pressed powder. Then check your makeup a few times throughout the day and keep a pressed powder compact close by. When oil or sweat starts sneaking in, dust some powder on your face.



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