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MYNT VINTAGE: Plus Size Vintage Shopping Tips

Posted: Jul 24 2014

You know how cool vintage is, especially when mixed with new purchases. So, what's holding you back from taking the plunge and thrifting or hitting the vintage shops? We're here to help! Below, our top tips for searching and incorporating vintage pieces into your everyday look.


-Try things on and ignore the size. Vintage sizing can be haphazard and sizing in general has changed over the decades. So if something looks like it could fit, it just might. Slip on those 80’s pumps that say they’re a 9 when you’re a modern-day size 8.


-Know what decades you like. If your esthetic tends more towards a bohemian, free-flowing look, seek out stores that cater to the 1960’s.


-Hit thrift stores. We know that the sights and sounds and smells of thrifting can turn anyone off, but there are great pieces to be found. (We’re still rocking a vintage Gucci from the 70’s we bought five years ago!)

-For the most contemporary and cool look, try mixing vintage and thrift store items with contemporary pieces. If you find a great vintage shift dress, throw the Vera Bomber Jacket over it to modernize it. Or mix the Nicole Skirt with a 1980’s bolero.

-Keep in mind, the easiest way to rock vintage is with accessories. Stack some vintage bangles with the Theodora Dress for a fun night out, or show off some killer vintage heels with the Ferrara Boyfriend Jean.


However you decide to add a little vintage to your wardrobe, experiment, keep an open mind and remember to just have fun with it!

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  • Posted by Christina Ringer on September 13, 2014

    How do you dress a " Buddha belly"? I am 5’2", 150 pounds, and my measurements are 38, 40 ( at the belly button ) and 44. ( Widest part of my hips .)

    Note: I prefer an " upscale bohemian " look when I am in " artist mode." When I am in " business mode " I prefer a " European chic " look featuring designer fashions made with natural fabrics. ( Wool, silk, good quality cotton,etc. ) What styles and designers do you recommend?

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