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HOT IN HAIR: Protect Your Hair Color from Fading in the Sun, Surf and Sand

Posted: Jul 03 2014

Summa, summa-time is officially here, bringing carefree days and sun-kissed skin. But while the sun, surf and sand may be our favorite season of the year, it can also wreak havoc on our hair color. Don’t fret, here are three easy steps to keeping your hair color in “Mynt” condition all summer long.



- Before hitting the beach or pool, wet hair and apply an oil-based, leave-in conditioner. This will lock and protect the cuticle, while preventing chlorine and the salty ocean air from penetrating the hair shaft.

- If you’re totally committed to saving your hair color, you can always opt for a swim cap when in the water. There are plenty of cute options with a vintage feel.

- Lastly, shampoo hair to get rid of all the chemicals and other free radicals as soon as you can.



- After a day poolside or at the beach, your hair will need moisture. Chlorine and other environs strip hair and disrupt your pH balance. Reach for a conditioner that’s specifically made to moisturize hair post-swim.

- On stressed ends, apply a leave-in conditioner to smooth frizz and prevent split ends.



- If you’re a frequent pool or beach-goer, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. These shampoos are stronger than everyday formulations because they’re made with ingredients like citrus that cut through other chemicals like chlorine.

- Give yourself regular deep conditioning treatments to help keep hair conditioned even in your downtime.

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