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NAILED: Turns in Reverse (The Reverse French Manicure)

Posted: Jun 09 2014

Everyone knows about the old school French Mani, but only cool girls like Rihanna and J-Lo know to try the reverse French manicure. Basically, the reverse version features a crescent-shaped strip at the BOTTOM of the bed of the nail versus the top, as in the original. The new-school Frenchie can be done in any color combo, but we like it in basic black and white. It’s an updated take on an old classic, the hip little sister to the conservative O.G.  and calls attention to the cuticle. So, keep those nails in tip top shape before attempting this! Here, a “how to” guide to get the look on your own.

 You’ll need: 

  • Two color nail polishes (contrasting shades work best)
  • A base coat
  • A clear top coat
  • Masking tape
  • Nail art brush
  • And tweezers
  1. Start by grooming nails: cut, file, push back cuticles and moisturize hands. Pay special attention to the cuticles, since that’s the area that will be on display with this mani.
  2. Apply a base coat. Let dry and proceed to applying one of the colors of nail polish in two coats. Let dry between each.
  3. Once everything is dry, cut a small “C” shape that fits on the bed of your nail in the masking tape. Gently stick the semi-circle on your nail bed accordingly.
  4. Apply one coat of the other nail polish before gently peeling away the tape with tweezers before it dries.
  5. Take your nail art brush (which should be thin, made for drawing lines) and touch up around the edges of the crescent shapes. Let dry.
  6. Add your top coat to ensure your cute mani will last and last.
Proceed to flaunting your digits with a cute outfit!


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